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Our Games:

Deceptively simple turn-based dungeon crawler

Asterius is a "smart" and true, but streamlined rogue-like dungeon crawler game, inspired by ASCI games like Rogue (obvs), but made so each procedurally generated dungeon is winnable. The game is carefully crafted to give each dungeon a hand-designed feel with the randomness of a Rogue-like. The mechanics are easy to learn but take a long time to master.

This game is in open beta.

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Gargoyle Landing

Twin-stick meets match-3

Fight off gargoyles by turning them to stone blocks with your laser, then match three blocks together to clear them. Upgrade your abilities to withstand as many waves as you can!


We update this game periodically.


Manage ornery tenants on the moon

Moon Management*

You're hired to manage an apartment building on the moon for humans and alien species, and they don't exactly get along. But is that really as hard as appeasing the importunate building owner Mr. Werst?

This game is in early development.

*Working title


Get the Jewel to the terminal at the expense of your robot helpers!

A physics, breakable terrain, puzzle game inspired by games like Lemmings, King Arthur’s World, and Worms.


Command robots to solve puzzles!

Gargoyle Landig
Moon Management
Robo Dido
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